One to one, group sessions, or large interactive keynotes, Jennie Moreau creates and delivers a variety of customized offerings such as:

Presentation Skills: How to Bring Your Best Self to your Presentations

Whether giving a keynote address, a report to a board of directors and investors, an internal project update, or a virtual presentation, discover ways to calm nerves, share significant data with stories, and connect with your audience. Through a clear three part process, participants learn how to build relationships with an audience, structure messages, and refine their personal style for powerful presenting.

Storytelling: A Mile in Their Shoes, Empathy as the Key to Connection

Understanding another’s point of view is the starting point for all effective communication. This interactive workshop uses theater-based exercises to make empathy tangible, and explore the effect it has on the stories we tell, the way we tell them, and the connections that are created as a result. Attendees will learn story structure as a method for building relationships, identifying roles, and clarifying messages with a new mindset: “audience as hero”.

Storytelling: Humanize Your Data to Move Audiences

Learn how to deliver impactful data through the use of story. Story structure combined with intentional audience connection makes data memorable, relatable and usable. This interactive workshop will teach techniques for clarifying information for both audience and presenter. Bring your jargon, your acronyms and your sense of play.

Building the Ensemble: Music and Theater as Metaphor for Project Teams

Successful ensembles whether a theater group or a jazz ensemble, celebrate the individual gifts of each member while working to create a unified whole. They depend upon members offering or volunteering their skills whether the need for the skill is planned and scripted, or arises in the moment in a performance.

In our work lives we are almost always “on stage” with seemingly little or no time for “practice” or “rehearsal.” Using theatre based exercises, this interactive workshop will allow for “practice sessions.” We explore what it takes to create a cohesive and dynamic ensemble. Participants will learn to identify and try on new roles, "flex" according to the needs of the group, and select and work with a peer "director" for ongoing growth.

Networking: Discovering Mutual Purpose

Building relationships with others is the foundation for successful transactions. How curious are we about the people we meet? What stops us from learning more? How do we comfortably, authentically, and professionally share our own interests and visions while discovering those of the people with whom we interact?

Learn to lead with curiosity, deep listening, and authenticity. Attendees will practice “showing up” in a variety of simulated situations and receive valuable information about how the impact of their physicality, openness, and inclusion of others can make networking a natural part of life.

Talking and Listening: Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Development

What happens when messages get lost? Do we listen in order to respond, rather than to understand? How can we get messages across clearly and ensure the audience truly receives the messages being sent, in every medium? Attendees will learn tips and tools for conversations that get results.

Change Management: Communication Tools

One of the key components to effective change is communication. Discover existing habits and learn new tools for deep listening, adapting to new information, and working as a team toward expected outcomes. In addition this session will address when emotion is getting in the way and how to create an environment where everyone can speak “safely” without fear of being shut down or negated.


Executive Speaking Coach
Communications Skills Consultant


Jennie Moreau combines her experience as a professional actor and teacher with knowledge of the business world to coach executive speakers, and create customized dynamic leadership, team building, and communications workshops. Her interactive sessions identify clients' core strengths and challenges, refine essential content, and teach delivery skills that get results.

Customized Offerings available in areas such as:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Team Building
  • Talking and Listening
  • Change Management Communication Tools

Representative clients include SAP, Steel Dynamics Inc., Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), Heartland Alliance, Gads Hill Chicago, Women in Bio, the d.School, Institute of Design at Stanford, Fitzgerald Architects & Associates, Public Communications Inc., Dominican University, Diamond Consultants Depression BiPolar Support Association, and speakers for TEDx.

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What People Are Saying


We invited Jennie to join us at Stanford to lead an hour-long workshop. It was only our second class, and we asked Jennie to help accelerate team building efforts through empathy-focused interactive exercises. She blew away students and teaching team alike with her enthusiasm and passion. One fellow teacher remarked about how inspired by overhearing students say such positive things about someone they had just met."

-Ward Bullard, SAP, Lecturer, Co-Instructor, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford


I worked with Jennie to prepare for a keynote address at the Sapphire Now / ASUG Annual conference. Jennie did a great job in helping me fine tune the message and presentation style for a large audience. She provided exceptional coaching by identifying what was working well and what could/should be improved. Her suggestions for change were spot on and resulted in a much stronger presentation. By the time I delivered the speech, I was confident and prepared!"

-Keith Sturgill, CIO Eastman Chemical


We at Heartland Alliance International are in unanimous agreement that the storytelling workshop Jennie and her colleague David Crabb facilitated for our 2017 global leadership summit  was really a high point! It was such a rare opportunity for us to reflect on our collective and individual human experience, to share some big laughs as a team, and to begin to think through how we share our stories with the world.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and we’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with and learn from both David and Jennie!"

-Emily Ardell, Director of Global Learning, Heartland Alliance International


Not only did we grow in our storytelling skills during Jennie's workshop, but our group also had a lot of fun and walked out with a stronger sense of teamwork because of Jennie's energy and ability to take us out of our comfort zones. Jennie came to facilitate a presentation skills and storytelling workshop for 40 individuals at SAP. Her dedication to make the workshop fit our needs was apparent, as she emailed us ahead of time for specific learning needs that we may want to address, and she came to meet us in-person the day before her workshop. Jennie is passionate about her work, and I would easily recommend her to others!"

-Rachel H. Chung Education Design Strategy Lead intrapreneurship (participated in SAP's Next Talent program)


The support Jennie gave us to prepare for Gads Hill Center's 2016 Annual Spring Gala was amazing. With her tips on public speaking, we were able to raise much more money through our Gala than last year in the paddle raise, which in turn will help us reach more families in need of our services. I was able to overcome my public speaking insecurities and get comfortable in my own skin, which is a tremendous gift to give someone. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get comfortable with public speaking."

-Rosa Julia Garcia Rivera, Gads Hill Center


Jennie worked with me in a university setting to develop and implement specific communications training techniques for post baccalaureate pre-medical students. Her work is cited in my research and a regular part of ongoing coursework. Her ability to blend theater arts, practical application, and simply perfect instructional methods is unparalleled. This multi-faceted, multi-talented woman has been an asset to the future professional development of medical students as well as an innovative collaborator with clinical medical science."

-Dr. Carsi Hughes, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dominican University


I worked with Jennie while preparing for a TEDx Talk. I have limited public speaking experience so her passion and knowledge of how to communicate effectively were essential. Jennie had a wealth of exercises and advice that helped me with my delivery, as well as my presence and content. Her passion and enthusiasm are as important as any advice she has, it helps pull more out of you and makes her a wonderful person to work with. If you have the chance/need Jennie is great to work with and will be a huge help to you."

-Ryan Dooley, Architect at Optima


Jennie is an excellent coach for individuals and groups aiming to become powerful presenters . She draws on her experience as an actress, translating that stage skill to help business presenters effectively connect with their core messages, their content, and their audiences. She knows how to listen and bring out the best in people, and she's got tremendous energy and creativity. I've seen her results and I think Jennie can help anyone - even the most reluctant speaker - to open up and connect."

-Mary Erangey, Sr. Vice President at Public Communications Inc.

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